Security for Space Systems

We help mission integrators and operators secure their space systems, assets, and data from cyber threats through our smart cyber products.

Why Now?

Space based assets are critical to the modern military's capability and form part of the critical national infrastructure of a modern economy. Being able to prevent and defend these assets is critical to both the military and to the day-to-day running of the modern economy.

Dr. Michael Holden, Space Advisor, DSEI in Why the military is prioritising cybersecurity for space

How Does It Work?

SpaceSec provides comprehensive cyber hardware and software products for the space and defense industry. Our products work with existing and yet to be launched space systems for government, millitary and commercial missions.


ROTHINZIL-1 is a 3U CubeSat that will serve as SpaceSec's flying laboratory to test and validate our products and demonstrate offensive and defensive satelite hacking techniques on-orbit.

We focus our cybersecurity research on three areas

Trusted hardware, software, and systems

SpaceSec researchers perform development and analysis of trusted systems, hardware and software to help assure the integrity of our clients space infrastructure.

Networks and systems architectures and analysis

To better understand the full cyber threat spectrum of space systems, SpaceSec researchers simulate and prototype protective systems.

Effective cyber defense systems

SpaceSec Red Teams assess systems from an adversarys perspective to test the strength of space system defenses and to better understand network vulnerabilities in both foreign and domestic systems.

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